PCD is a rare disease that damages the cilia of the airways. PCD is characterized by recurrent pneumonias, recurrent or persistent sinusitis and ear infections. In Fifty percent of patients the heart appears in the right side of the chest instead of the left.
This center is another center within our pediatric pulmonary division. The PCD Center provides high-quality comprehensive treatment and follow-up care for children with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia to improving outcomes for these patients.
 The following patients should be referred to our PCD center:
  1. Patients  with established PCD
  2. Patients suspicion to PCD with the following findings:  
    1. Dextrocardia with respiratory symptoms include:chronic cough,wheezing and respiratory distress.
    2. Triad of chronic ear infections, sinusitis and lower airways disease
    3. Bronchiectasis of unknown etiology
    4. Chronic draining ears plus chronic cough and wheezing
    5. Neonatal respiratory syndrome (eg. collapsed lung, pneumonia, wet lung)  of unknown etiology with subsequent ear, sinus and/or lung problems
    6. Respiratory symptoms plus sibling with PCD

Patients Alret